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Press Release: Nyack Family Bike Day is Sept 10 

Journal News (9/11/2015): Making roads safer for cyclists in Nyack, Piermont nt Poster for
Nyack Family Bike Day.
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One guy who’s particularly KidOnBikeByMemorialParkfocused on cycling safety is Dave Zornow, who’s helping to organize Nyack Family Bike Day on Sept. 20 at Memorial Park. The event is billed as a day for parents and kids to ride bikes, get their bikes and helmets inspected and go on an escorted ride up to Nyack Beach State Park.Family Bike Day runs from noon to 4 p.m. and includes an “AAA Bike Rodeo” where riders navigate a course with simulated real-life situations.

“Learning how to cycle safely — and why it’s important to drive carefully and slowly when bicyclists are on the road — can make our communities better, more desirable, safer and healthier places to live,” said Zornow, who leads rides for Bike Nyack from Memorial Park every Saturday.

Nyack News And Views (9/10/2015): Cycling Is A Family Affair on Sept 20 In Nyack

GirlOnBike201107-200x152Three seasons a year, Nyack is a popular destination for adults who pedal long distances to this village on the Hudson River. On Sunday September 20 from 12n-4p, Nyack’s cycling focus will downshift to kids on bikes riding with their parents at Nyack Family Bike Day.

The 12n-4p event at Memorial Park, part of September’s Hudson River Valley Ramble, will include an escorted ride to Nyack Beach State Park, a ride along the the Esposito / Hader / Clark Rail Trail toward Sparkill, as well as the AAA Bike Skills Rodeo, bicycle clinics and live entertainment by The Jeff Rubin Band.

It’s a day for parents and kids to get in some quality family time and good exercise while picking up some important cycling safety tips. “Biking is something that you can enjoy your entire life,” says co-producer Rachel Mack, owner of Mack Events Productions. “We want to get kids of all ages to embrace bicycling as a lifestyle choice and appreciate the rules of the road to become responsible and avid riders.”

AnthonyDevanzoBikeTattooThe event is sponsored by about a dozen local businesses, including a restaurant on North Broadway whose name means “bike” in French. “As an avid cyclist and a father of two young children, Nyack Bicycle Day is a great opportunity to enjoy two wheels as a family and raise awareness about bike safety and maintenance,” says Anthony DeVanzo, owner of Nyack’s Velo restaurant. “Cycling is fun, exercise, therapy and transportation and more families need to enjoy this time together.” As both a chef and a cyclist, DeVanzo carries around a regular reminder of how much cycling means to him: a unique tattoo of a old-time bicycle on his wrist. (9/5/2015): Visit Nyack For Nyack Family Bike Day on Sun September 20

Velo Bistro Wine Bar on Facebook (9/9/2015): Velo supports Nyack Family Bike Day. Come enjoy with your family on two wheels!!

Nyack Free Press (9/4/2015)

September 20 will be a Sunday afternoon celebration of cycling for families and kids in Nyack’s Memorial Park on the Hudson River. It’s a day for parents and kids to ride bikes, get some safety tips, and join an escorted bike ride through the Nyacks.

The Village of Nyack Recreation Department, Visit Nyack and Bike Nyack are teaming up to make this event possible. “This is such a wonderful event for everyone,” says Nyack Mayor Jen Laird White. “Kids can learn how to ride safely and we can all be reminded of proper cycling etiquette. “Families can do something fun and healthy together. And, of course, what better place than Nyack…the village every cyclist wants to visit!”

Net proceeds from the event will benefit The Nyack Center. (9/8/2015): Nyack Family Bike Day Rolls into Town on September 20, 2015

Bike (9/8/2015):  Nyack Family Bike Day is Sun Sept 20 Nyack Family Bike Day

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